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Wedding series as France's first wedding brand has many years of history. Wedding industry trends in special occasion dresses real designer and one of the major brands, Cymbeline launched a charming and delicate fusion of new series, with high-quality fabrics with perfect tailoring to create a modern and soft combination. True French style. In the 1980s, it decided to change the trend of wedding Evelyn elaroche, Monique Jobber and three sisters Chantal Jobber created Cymbeline, to the twenty-first century bride blowing a wave of romantic fashion style. Cymbeline also stressed the focus on quality wedding dress, the pursuit of perfect little girls dream of being a combination of the production process and the wedding. For every wedding they have adopted the most well-designed production process, and is similar to the company's high-end tailor-made production.

Second, the design style Cymbeline wedding flow lines cut design is consistent with French style charm, in the enjoyment of the wedding to give you a powerful visual impact. So you have to Cymbeline wedding enamored arms. Wedding different styles, there are noble and dignified, there is lovely, more charming personality, no matter what kind of style are infused designer's aesthetic concept, can let the bride have the best time.

Three, Cymbeline series modeling Cymbeline wedding dress styles, mainly through the female body curves, thin, transparent, dew, soft and so special to show the beauty of the human body, there are trailing the series of wedding type, skirt type, personal type, queen type, etc. and many other styles. (A) type trailing tail wedding dress look more formal, more sacred. So many brides in wedding photos when you will choose a wedding dress trailing type. (B) the type of wedding skirt fluffy type is the traditional style of wedding dress, the traditional style of wedding dress is characterized by a fitted bodice, tightened waist and full skirt. Just at the waist waistline can also be slightly lower, or even placed close to the hip position. This style of wedding are equipped with stereotypes with petticoat. We recommend chest full of the bride in the wedding photos when you choose this, and petite, slender upper body, lower body plump bride not very suitable for this style of wedding dress. (C) personal type personal type of wedding dress petticoat is not a very simple wedding dress, tall bride in wedding photos wearing this wedding dress can be a good show charming body curve. The lower body than upper body fullness of many brides or do not want to show too much of the body curve bride careful to wear the best. (Iv) queen type of wedding

In addition to skirt type dress and personal type of wedding, I'll introduce a Queen-type wedding dress. This wedding high waistline is the most distinctive feature. Close fit in the chest, was slightly A-shaped skirt, shoulder and chest full of lines, to the waist and hips also have a good cover effect. Which is suitable for: relatively short, waist-hip more fullness, you want a little relaxed style wedding bride mothers. Not suitable for: relatively tall stature, chest fullness of the bride is not enough.

Third, the color from the color up analysis, Cymbeline series of wedding color is mainly black and white ash and other simple outline of the French-style elegance and romance, the use of white main implication of love pure and sacred wedding. The bride came to the streets of Paris, cheap wedding dresses or drink a cup of coffee, or overlooking the Eiffel Tower, in Paris this thick element is the exclusive French romantic atmosphere. At the same time, select the wedding also vary, depending on the individual color can choose different colors of the wedding, in traditional Chinese etiquette, the red dress more popular, because red represents joy and good fortune, so compared to the West, Chinese brides choose red Wedding majority. And the West, white wedding dress is the mainstream, so from the romantic French wedding Cymbeline are more attracted to the white, white is holy and beautiful representatives.

Fourth, the new season of fashion fabrics feature in the fabric using a fine Chantilly lace and Calais lace flowers, the whole seductive and irresistible attraction for the dress on the overall effect of adding the points sexy. Reveals a woman of weak and naive beauty. Among them, there are embroidered fabrics, soft lace points, car bone lace wedding dress of most other fine fabrics, its unique production process with the sewing beads show noble. Lace was originally used as accessories, crafted with a sense of luxury and reflect romantic special, it is Cymbeline main fabric materials.

Five, Cymbeline wedding dress design creativity of the series swept the world by the West why the majority of upper-class women are keen to open its creative design. From retro, traditional to modern, minimalist, and even mix and match styles, with the development of the times, new ideas wedding has evolved ever-changing styles and style. 2012 quarter Cymbeline wedding, traditional lace corset Bra classic chiffon A word skirt, with a modern Western-style short paragraph Slim small coat, will be the perfect blend of retro and modern. Flamboyant flower shape is the whole design of a punchline. The series of wedding design can also be broken down following four types: Romance: often referred to marry everyone will think romantic, but how can we be in the wedding romantic fuss about it?

Cymbeline family wedding, the use of hollow lace, embroidered with small floral transparent folds, best reflects the multi-level loose skirt, drag a long veil ... these are romantic, it is also more suitable for the West to pursue romance newcomers. Gorgeous Type: This style will be some bright spots, ornate, hand-sewn skirt, gives a fantastic feeling, gorgeous than everywhere reveals the noble, can fully show the bride elegant atmosphere .

Classic: This is the most popular of the bride dress, as long as the high beam Bob, coupled with simple classic and beautiful wedding materials such as lace, embroidery, beading, accompanied by classical long veil, can be presented the bride the most perfect of the most elegant and feminine. Minimalist type: only by simple lines to heighten the wearer's temperament, the use of lines to emphasize the beauty of the bride, which is characteristic of the minimalist type, high-grade fabrics together with skilled tailoring, can fully reflect the quality and grade,

 Brand: Cymbeline
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