Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

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Cheap Bridesmaid Gowns Online Sale

Is a great pleasure to bear their friends close-fitting maid of honor, but must be well prepared on the eve of the wedding, don't live up to the expectations of the sisters. So what bridesmaid dresses should pay attention to? This article to bring us the bridesmaid dresses to choose three skills, have a friend to come and see.

One, the purple bridesmaid dresses should pay attention to what the three skills of choose and buy,

(a) the bridesmaid dress accessories

1, the bridesmaid's head, and don't have a headdress, if the bride is white long yarn, you wear white dress, if the bride not to wear long yarn, you can wear her close.

2, the maid of honor, it is best not to wear lipstick, want to use element face as a foil to the bride.

Jewelry, had better not take 3, marked degree is not more than the bride. If you want to highlight the characteristics of the maid of honor, can is a white silk scarf around his neck.

4, grande toilette to low-key, don't too revealing, otherwise it will upstage the bride, will make the presence of elders.

(2) the bridesmaid dresses color

More than 1, the day to attend a formal wedding, clothing using monochromatic, pay attention to body don't appear too much color, otherwise frivolous not solemn feel to the person.

2, it is best not to wear black to attend the wedding, especially can't wear black fishnet stockings.

3, on the wedding bridesmaid dresses color had better be a little shallow than bridal gowns, color is given priority to with warm color to move.

4, don't wear pure white dress, in order to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. Bridesmaid dresses bridal than colour is a bit weak, and the wedding style is unified.

5, for the table is festival, can add some red on clothing accessories, such as the red dress, red sashes, or have a small area of the red on clothes. Also can wear some red warm color, such as light pink, yellow and so on.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(3) the bridesmaid dresses style

1, in order to avoid too orthodox or leisure clothing, can add fashionable elements in detail place. If it is to wear a suit with a fashion lace jacket, coat with a kind of small condole, bright, with a bead piece, colorful patchwork, sexy bust out.

2, the bridesmaid dress not too short, so as to avoid outdoor activities when exposed, do not tally with the situation.

3, the design of the bridesmaid dresses to some concise than the bride. Dress styles between evening dress and casual dress, don't choose long mop the floor, so too grand, can focus on the small formal attire.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

Second, the bridesmaid dresses to choose

(a) the bridesmaid choose clothes according to the wedding theme

In general, when the bride's wedding dress in foreign countries have a style, or the wedding itself has a theme, such as some bride wore a relatively large group of skirt or is a magnificent feeling, have a plenty of more simple sense. What are your feelings if the bride, the maid of honor also should have the same feeling, just smaller amplitude.

Choose from the perspective of color may have a theme, such as today's color is purple, I like a lot of things is fundamental key with purple, including skirts and the surrounding environment could be purple, this time in purple this tone color will be eye-catching. Our bridesmaid on colour may be a little bit dark or slightly lower purity, less obvious, but the feeling of the color is the same.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(2) style

This also depends on the time of the wedding, some could be held in the afternoon, some could be held in the evening. If continue to dinner in the evening, this time is usually dress, formal degree is better. If the bride is wearing a dress, bridesmaid dress is longer, often to the calf. If choose some wedding held in the morning, party time is in the afternoon, and even an outdoor wedding, when the dress can be shorter, but are generally not dress, wear a suit is less.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(3) the style of dress

All elements must be at the wedding is harmonious, including tablecloth, including of flowers in his hand. If you wear this cloth is very concise may need to be concise, if you wear very spectacular flowers will enrich some. Including the surrounding tablecloths and decoration, all things and we dress formal degrees and style is contracted into a system.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(4) unified harmony

Girl first to understand what the bride to wear, what she wants to make scene of the wedding, the wedding is there a specific environment, if any, must ask clear. Domestic system may not be as perfect as abroad, the bride would have think it over the system. We also want to have this consciousness, at least we dress and somebody else is a style. If the bride is wearing a big wedding dress skirt, our some bridesmaid dresses also want to wear a long skirt, we choose a color to coordination, and the whole arrangement scenario is to have an overall grasp. I think this kind of beauty in the west than we Shared earlier, in fact this beauty should be influence in every aspect. So the wedding for us how to make the harmonious is also a kind of training.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(5) about the brand

General senior words have a bridesmaid customized the wedding dress made to order. So it not order don't consider buying a ready-made.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(6) hold good degrees

A top domestic wedding dress designer is for Hong Kong and Taiwan star either rich or do the whole design of a complete set of family, so in terms of wedding in China is not up to the quality. As a bridesmaid, you can ask the best man what to wear, what the bride to wear. There are two is the wedding of art, but the rest are very mediocre. So the choice of clothes for China's maid of honor is confused.

Skills of buying bridesmaid dresses

(7) the details to the whole and the whole wedding to remain consistent

As the maid of honor bound to make-up, than usual in the office is a little thick some, but certainly no more than the bride. Echo of hair style in general and the style of the dress you want, but don't grab limelight bride and exaggerated degrees. The general rule is like this. But the hair style to color match with you, you may attend different wedding dress is different. If the wear is romantic, your hair will have romantic feeling. If wear clean your hairstyle is concise, such ability and the whole wedding.

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