What underwear to match bridesmaid dresses

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The maid of honor is the wedding ceremony is the most important supporting role, so on the modelling of shaping are important, after choose the right dress is the choice of underwear, the bridesmaid dresses to match what underwear is good. of course, it still depends on the design of bridesmaid dresses.

One, the bridesmaid dresses with underwear

(a) choose incarnadine underwear

Generally the color of the dress fabric is very thin, with a certain pervious to light quality. Especially to wear white or other light color dress photos, underwear the optimal collocation of color is nude. If choose red or black underwear, it is easy to through the marriage gauze, left obvious mark.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

(2) the strapless bra

Believe many bridesmaids will have a misunderstanding, think that as long as the invisible braces, you can hide traces of shoulder straps. Actually, this is not science. Because many bridesmaid dress is strapless backless models, even invisible braces will leave clues, others can see clearly that. If the photo is taking pictures, the shoulder belt is more obvious. Therefore, if it is a strapless dress must choose strapless bra.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

(3) the placket

If you can, bridesmaids can choose with chest instead of underwear. Compared with underwear, placket compared to relax, try to compare. More important yes placket can tightly affixed to the chest, do not need after straps and shoulder straps, it will not affect the overall appearance.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

(4) transparent tape

If the bridesmaids to choose is a fine aglet dress, that depend on cellophane tape bring help you oh. Because a lot of underwear straps are wide, but you don't want to wear the underwear of no shoulder straps, that is about to choose transparent shoulder straps. Such a dress straps to help keep out, also is not so obvious. Especially when you are in A-Line One-Shoulder Crystal Layers Mini Black Casual Formal Dresses it need that, so that you can avoid some awkward that you can not fore know.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

Second, the collocation of bridesmaid dresses and underwear

A strapless corset - strapless gown

A strapless corset general to match the strapless dress. Strapless dress has always been popular with a lot of bridesmaids, but a strapless corset should pay attention to is the height of the chest and a tuxedo, is never more than the dress when you are wearing the white bridesmaid dresses. Don't protruding from the edge of dress, and it will be a very embarrassing thing.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

Seamless model body underwear, cultivate one's morality dress

Seamless model body underwear is the best partner of cultivate one's morality dress, wear the garment of this type in the body can ensure that the upper part of the tall and straight, with strong effect of cultivate one's morality for the dresses, wear small trailing, fishtail skirt wedding dress is the most appropriate. But when choosing to remind everyone must pay attention to the waist line is smooth and natural.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

Seamless cups garment - thin dress

Seamless garment biggest advantage is to have no obvious seams, and it is very suitable for material frivolous maid of honor. With a cup of garment generally has a shoulder strap, this helps to chest type fixed, it is best not to get rid of it. So seamless cups in the garment, should match with the front of dress.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

Dress seamless garment body is long - an a-line bridesmaid dresses

Collocation of seamless garment body is long long jumpsuit size all can be tightened, foil graceful lines, dress is especially suitable for an a-line shape. A word dress most pays attention to the waist line, outstanding body skirt, even the body underwear can tight beam waist, lower abdomen and chest belly, make bosom appear high stand, slender waist fine.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

All the garment with sleeves cultivate one's morality dress

All the garment are chest circumference, waist, beam pants three collections. Can be very good to the chest, waist and hip line, more reveal the shape of the line, especially suitable for line is the average size of the maid of honor. The present many bridesmaids are like long gown, deserve to go up a type of adjusting body underwear, is a perfect supplement.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

Three, choice of bridesmaid dresses underwear tips

(a) underwear to fit me

Bridesmaids dress underwear, I choose the first principle is must fit. Many bridesmaid dresses, like wedding dress, sew a thin bra inside, so can choose wave backed type silicone underwear to wear inside the dress. If not, also want to make sure that you wore underwear from the style to color and your strapless gown with can match perfect without flaw.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

(b) the size to fit

The second element is the size of your underwear must fit, must try more underwear before to friends wedding and dress. And then based on the change of their bodies with small, guarantee on the wedding day you don't have to be from time to time to hand caresses strapless gown with collar, if appear such situation. It would be embarrassing.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

(c) join the liner

If the chest be small maid of honor, want to junior high school a bit at the wedding, can be in underwear cup liner, thrust, the function of the concentration, the thick on thin bra also have the same effect.

What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses

(d) air cushion underwear

Can use air cushion and water bag to create cleavage line, now there are a variety of styles to choose from. A new air cushion type underwear, also can adjust the size, want to cleavage is no longer a dream. If when you wear the Cymbeline bridesmaid dresses, some of its style need you to use it. However, if you want such to do, or want to consider the feelings of the bride: oh, don't rob the heroine's at the wedding, so bad.

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What underwear to match  bridesmaid dresses
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